The Ward [2010]

After a few bad films, I realized John Carpenter could fuck up every movie he’d direct for the rest of his career, and I would still admire the man for his work. “Halloween” and “The Thing” were among his best, and even if his career continues to resemble movies like “The Ward”, he will still be considered a legend in my book. One of the main problems with “The Ward” is that it feels astonishingly ineffective. It’s a film that suffers from a bad case of “been there, done that”. Everything is executed poorly, as we follow Kirsten (Amber Heard), a disturbed young girl who ends up in a remote psychiatric hospital against her will. During her stay, she becomes terrorized by a ghost who also happens to be stalking and killing the other patients (how original!). The film borrows heavily from other genre thrillers such as “Identity” and the far more superior “Shutter Island”, whilst failing to capture any of the creepiness that made these films relatively successful. Nothing feels fresh or exciting; the structure, the scares and even the score feel recycled. This is definitely a step back for Carpenter, who obvioulsy deserves better than this terrible “horror” flick. I look forward to his next project, but as far as “The Ward” is concerned, it’s a complete misfire. Beware!


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