Bad Teacher [2011]

If stupidity is the message, then “Bad Teacher” is a masterpiece. I didn’t expect much going in, as I tend to be whenever a Hollywood movie announces through its advertising how hilarious it’s going to be. The only hilarious thing here is watching Jason Segel make a fool out of himself playing a gym teacher (who could have thought right?). To be fair though, I did have a couple of laughs when the film opened. Sadly, it only took about 20 minutes for Camerion Diaz and Co to wipe that smile off my face. Damn shame. Diaz looks comfortable enough (by comfortable I mean half naked) playing Elizabeth Halsey, a 7th grade school teacher buried in Illinois. On her first day, she runs a DVD of “Stand and Deliver”, and proceeds to sleep off whatever wasted her the night before. Her mission? to find a guy to replace her fiancé , who kicked her out of the house. Bachelor number 1 is pretty boy Justin Timberlake, the new teacher in town. Problem is: Timberlake’s previous lover had enormous breasts (and a big heart aswell), which means Elizabeth will need $ 10,000 for a boob job. WTF? but wait a minute, it gets worse. Diaz takes over a school fund-raising car wash by showing up in mini shorts. All the fathers and local cops stare in wonder and amazement. Then we see one of the male students, equally drooling; the camera moves down to reveal that he has an erection. Obvious? of course. Then it gets much worse: a dry humping scene involving Diaz and ex-hubby Timberlake, and a couple of toilet jokes all fall embarassingly flat. Which leads me to this: How did Diaz ever become a teacher in the first place? Don’t scratch your head too hard, because the movie doesn’t seem to know or care.

Rating: 2/4

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